“Re-Creation” – Delivering Medicine not Dispensed in a Bottle

It often starts out differently; sometimes it begins with the tapping of the foot, swaying back and forth, or a twinkle in the eye…  But we always know how it ends… clapping, standing, if possible, and full throated song. And it happens at more than 100 VA Medical Centers and Veterans Homes throughout the country every year.  This special brand of medicine is delivered through the voices and hearts and hands and talents of the touring entertainment troupe “Re-Creation” thanks to BVL supporters.

Each day the performers arrive at a hospital or home they walk through the halls and rooms and personally greet each veteran – thanking them for their service and issuing a personal invitation to attend the show.  Then, all are gathered to enjoy a Broadway style performance, complete with professional choreography and costume changes – filled with song and dance and emotion that audience members cannot repress.  Vanquished from the room are illness, loneliness and sadness.

Let’s take a peek at the joy delivered to our veterans through the “Re-Creation” brand of medicine…