The Power of One, With a Little Help from Friends

A spotlight on how just one person can make a difference.

Tommy Kress became a PBA member in 1974. Shortly after that, he met PBA legend and BVL Spokesperson Johnny Petraglia, who served our country in the Vietnam War.

Notes Tommy, “Over the years, I saw just how important the veterans, and the BVL, is to Johnny. Because of my 40+ years of friendship with Johnny, he has shared many stories with me on the tour about what the BVL means to the veterans, and because of that, I wanted to do what I could to help in some small way.”

Although Tommy wanted to make a trip to participate in the PBA50 BVL/Johnny Petraglia Open this May to support BVL, he couldn’t work it into his schedule.

So he devised Plan B. He arranged for a bowling ball raffle, with proceeds benefitting BVL, at both centers in which he bowls. He purchased two bowling balls (at a healthy discount thanks to Ace Mitchell), and arranged a 100 square raffle board for each center. Both centers sold out the boards in just two weeks, generating almost $900 for BVL. Explains Tommy, “To my good friends Jim Hawryliak, proprietor of Pleasure Lanes and Joe and Barb Parker of Brockport Bowl, I am very appreciative of their efforts. I am glad that in some small way, I can help out BVL even though I could not make it to the tournament.”

Tommy Kress: The Power of One.