Plano Veteran Receives Special All-Terrain Wheelchair

Plano, Texas native and Vietnam Veteran Mike Smith’s world got much bigger and brighter this week thanks to BVL and the efforts led by area bowling center proprietor Jamie Brooks.

Mike has been confined to a wheelchair after having been diagnosed with several of the signs of Agent Orange including diabetes and congestive heart failure, as well as having both knees replaced due to damage suffered while in Vietnam.   Through a special BVL fundraising effort, Jamie presented Mike with an automated all-terrain wheelchair allowing him access to beaches, hills and otherwise difficult-to-navigate topography.

Explains Brooks, “When I learned about this opportunity to give Mike a chance to get out and really enjoy life through the use of this chair, I knew it was a great fit for our area bowlers and the BVL effort.  Mike’s greatest joy would be to expand his world by allowing him to go hiking, fishing and camping with his four grandchildren. Mike would be able to go to the beach and not have to stay up on the sidewalk. With the help of America’s bowlers through BVL, we were able to give Mike the gift of his outdoor life back.”