Iowa Bowlers Give Back to Those Who’ve Served

The bowlers in Iowa are committed to their veterans. They are also committed to a BVL-sponsored national competition which encourages veterans to get out and get active. The Training-Exposure-Experience Tournament, also known as the TEE Tournament, is held in Iowa City, Ia. annually and provides numerous activities for disabled veterans. Sports — including golf, kayaking, bowling and horseback riding — are modified and adapted for veterans with disabilities allowing them to take part in activities from which they were previously excluded.  Importantly, the TEE Tournament also provides these disabled veterans with a source of friendship, camaraderie, and pride.

Directors Connie and Sally with Wes Hodgson of the Des Moines VA.

“Helping and watching these men and women of all ages enjoy sports as we do is so rewarding,” Iowa State USBC BVL Chair Connie Rommel said about the event. “They have given their time to help us live the lives we have today, it’s appropriate that we give back to them.”

BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar points out that the TEE Tournament, one of six national sports and arts competitions that the BVL helps sponsor, often provides the impetus for veterans in care at VA facilities around the country to adapt a healthy lifestyle that changes lives.  “As bowlers, we know the camaraderie we develop with our team mates and competitors.  We know the lifelong friendships that we have developed through sport.  We’re happy to be able to provide this opportunity for our veterans.”

Adds Rommel, “Although we know our grants to the VA facilities go to good use, we always ask National BVL that a portion of our donations be earmarked for the TEE Tournament – so that veterans from VA facilities throughout the nation can benefit from competing here.”