The Eagle Has Landed in Augusta

Charlie Norwood VAMC “USO” themed game room and billiards room referred to and named by our Veterans as the “Eagles Nest” is their safe haven.

The “Eagle’s Nest” offers a valuable opportunity for our Hospitalized Veterans to socialize with others in similar situations. So when they come into these areas specially created for them with funds from the BVL they see in their fellow Veterans someone who may be equally disabled in a different way, it is meaningful interaction. They can share commonality; they no longer are just looking at themselves. They get inspiration from each other and really connect, because none of it is forced. When they come into these specially created areas they have fun, play games, sit and relax and build friendships and confidence. We’re so very thankful for the BVL for helping us create these special spaces in our Medical Center and offer so many benefits to our Veterans. A few of the
benefits have been improved quality of life, reduced anxiety and stress,  increased motivation, increased self-esteem and an overall elevation of emotional well-being.