DFW Bowling Community Launches Campaign for Special Wheelchairs

Bowlers in the Dallas Fort Worth area are joining together to support a unique fundraiser, in conjunction with the US Women’s Open at the Plano Super Bowl,  to provide mobility-restricted area military veterans with automated all-terrain wheelchairs.  The planned donation will allow veterans access to beaches, hills and otherwise difficult-to-navigate topography.  The effort is being championed by area business leader and bowling center owner Jamie Brooks.

The first chair will be presented to Arlington, Tex. resident and Vietnam Vet Mike Smith at the event on August 6.

Smith, who comes from a family of veterans, was exposed to Agent Orange which has developed into diabetes and congestive heart failure. Last year, Smith spent nearly 6 months in the hospital and he recently had a toe removed.

Explains Brooks, “When I heard about this opportunity to give our veterans like Mike a chance to get out and really enjoy life through the use of these chairs, I knew it was a great fit for our area bowlers and our BVL effort.  Mike’s greatest joy would be to expand his world by allowing him to go hiking, fishing and camping with his four grandchildren. Mike would be able to go to the beach and not have to stay up on the sidewalk. With the help of the DFW area bowling community, we can give Mike the gift of his outdoor life back.”

BVL supporters are encouraged to help the cause through a special donation, either via the website (note “Wheelchairs” in the “Designation” window), or by mailing a check to BVL Headquarters at 11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 800, Fairfax, VA  22030.  Be sure to earmark the check for “Wheelchairs”.

“We’re so thankful for Jamie’s leadership and the bowlers of the Dallas Fort Worth area as they support this effort,” commented BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar.  “This will be a real game changer for Mike and the other veterans.  We encourage all DFW area bowlers to get out to the Women’s Open on August 6th to see the donation come to life!”