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Contributions 2020 - 2021 as of January 31, 2021.

From individuals to bowling centers, from Fortune 500 corporations to youth bowling leagues, BVL contributors come from all walks of life and all points on the globe. But wherever they come from, they know their donation is going to make a positive impact on those who have served our county. Whether it is $5.00 or $5,000, your welcome contribution will help us brighten the days and boost the spirits of our recuperating service men and women.

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State Association Rankings

MIMetro Detroit USBC $6,815.00
TXGreater San Antonio USBC $5,636.44
WIMidwest Women's Bowling Tournament $4,750.00
FLFirst Coast USBC $4,450.00
TNTennessee State (TN) USBC $2,692.30
MOSt. Louis USBC $2,502.00
OHStark County USBC $2,418.25
FLSuncoast USBC $2,366.00
NCFayetteville USBC $2,193.00
FLGreater Santa Fe USBC $1,782.20
FLEast Pasco USBC $1,754.00
NDNorth Dakota State USBC $1,694.00
MTMix Masters Bowling League $1,293.00
ILGreater Bloomington USBC $1,288.00
OHNorth Central Ohio USBC $1,000.00
MINiles Four Flags USBC $1,000.00
INLoganland USBC$880.00
NVColorado River USBC$784.00
IDGreater Coeur d'Alene USBC$760.20
FLMarion County USBC$675.00
NYSouthern Tier USBC$635.00
OHAshtabula County USBC$588.00
NCOuter Banks USBC$587.00
VANation's Capital Area USBC$543.40
TXDeep East Texas USBC$534.00
OKGreater Oklahoma City Area USBC$500.00
INMarshall County USBC$450.00
IAMarshalltown USBC$430.00
KSHays USBC$406.60
SDWatertown USBC$402.62
IDAda County USBC$390.05
NJMonmouth County USBC$380.00
TXAmarillo USBC$353.20
WIRice Lake Bowling Association$200.00
MIBattle Creek USBC$164.05
ARFulton County USBC$149.00
ILEffingham USBC$100.00
INStueben County USBC$100.00
WIWaushara County USBC$100.00
NEGrand Island/Cairo Area USBC$95.00
TNAlcoa Maryville USBC$50.00
NEHoldrege USBC$46.00
FLHeracanes and Sunrisers$45.00

Local Associations Rankings 20 - 21

StateLocal AssociationAmount
AZMetro Phoenix USBC$37,000.00
MNMinneapolis USBC$21,000.00
MIMetro Detroit USBC$16,037.66
MDNation's Capital Area USBC$16,000.00
CACitrus Belt USBC$14,161.19
CASan Diego USBC$12,849.20
WIGreen Bay Area USBC$11,083.47
MILansing (MI) USBC$11,000.00
VAVirginia Peninsula USBC$9,561.00
NJMonmouth County USBC$9,438.68
UTGreat Salt Lake Bowling Association$9,110.30
CAOrange County USBC$8,601.25
ILJoliet Area USBC$8,309.50
CAGolden Empire USBC$7,491.50
ORGreater Portland USBC$6,957.11
COGreater Denver USBC$6,680.00
TXDenton County USBC$6,671.75
COFort Collins USBC$6,054.00
TXGreater Austin Area USBC$5,370.00
VAGreater Richmond USBC WBA/BA$5,000.00
CASouthern LA County USBC$4,913.63
NYRochester USBC$4,900.00
CACentral Coast (CA) USBC$4,555.21
CAModesto USBC$4,537.00
MNSt. Paul USBC$4,500.00
VAAppomattox River USBC$4,200.00
NDFargo-Moorhead USBC BA$4,055.84
CAGreater Sacramento USBC$4,000.00
FLGreater Miami USBC$3,747.65
WASouth Sound USBC$3,668.47
CAVentura County USBC BA$3,500.00
CANorth Los Angeles County USBC$3,377.34
TNSmokey Mountain USBC Association$3,338.56
MIGreater Grand Rapids USBC$3,060.00
FLSuncoast USBC$3,051.50
TXGreater Pasadena USBC$3,019.00
CATulare County USBC$3,000.00
MIBattle Creek BA & WBA$2,955.00
NJMorris County USBC$2,900.00
MOSt. Charles County USBC$2,858.00
WASpokane County USBC$2,814.00
TXBrazos Valley USBC$2,746.50
COSt. Vrain Valley Bowling Assoc.$2,663.92
MIMetro Detroit USBC$2,586.00
MIWestern Wayne County USBC Assn.$2,534.53
NCFayetteville USBC$2,501.25
CAOroville USBC$2,500.00
OHSoutheastern Ohio USBC$2,398.00
OKGreater Oklahoma City USBC$2,383.50
OHStark County USBC$2,281.00
VAGreater Fredericksburg USBC$2,278.41
ILMcHenry County USBC$2,277.25
AKGreater Fairbanks USBC$2,249.50
CAPetaluma USBC$2,216.00
CAMother Lode USBC$2,064.00
CAMarin County USBC$2,038.00
TXLubbock USBC$2,035.85
GAFt Stewart USBC (GA)$2,000.00
MAGreater Springfield USBC WBA$2,000.00
MAGreater Boston USBC$2,000.00
MISt. Johns USBC WBA$2,000.00
CTNew Haven County USBC Assn., Inc.$1,927.50
CAStockton USBC$1,925.00
OREmerald Valley USBC Association$1,906.30
KSGreat Plains USBC$1,899.74
MDCecil Harford USBC$1,893.25
FLHernando County USBC$1,884.00
ILGreater Carlyle BA$1,878.00
NYTri-County (NY) USBC$1,850.00
CASierra Gold USBC$1,820.00
CAManteca USBC$1,800.00
NYNew York City USBC$1,800.00
CASanta Clara County USBC$1,781.50
CAYuba Sutter USBC$1,760.87
ILGreater Rock Island County USBC$1,747.34
NVSouthern Nevada USBC$1,739.00
NHSouthern New Hampshire USBC$1,726.00
CAChico USBC$1,648.00
ILGreater Aurora USBC$1,632.00
NYGreater Buffalo USBC$1,625.00
CAKings County USBC$1,618.00
GAAlbany (GA) USBC$1,563.00
MIMt. Pleasant USBC$1,500.00
NCOnslow County USBCA$1,500.00
NJEssex County Bowling Council$1,500.00
NYCentral New York USBC$1,500.00
TXGreater Tyler USBC$1,500.00
NDBismarck-Mandan USBC$1,499.00
TXGreater Waco USBC$1,464.00
CAContra Costa County USBC$1,454.99
CACentral California USBC$1,450.00
OHChillicothe Area USBC BA$1,450.00
CANorth County USBC$1,438.50
MIGreater Holland USBC$1,437.69
MIArbor Valley USBC$1,414.00
CAGrass Valley USBC$1,412.00
NYNew Albany USBC Association$1,400.00
TXGreater Abilene USBC$1,400.00
IAGreater Cedar Valley USBC$1,398.00
PAErie District BA$1,317.00
CACentral Sonoma County USBC$1,305.00
SDYankton USBC$1,288.50
SDSioux Falls Regional USBC$1,275.00
CASan Gabriel Valley USBC$1,257.00
WAWalla Walla Valley USBC$1,200.00
GASouth Georgia USBC$1,170.00
ARCentral Arkansas USBC WBA$1,164.00
CASanta Barbara USBC$1,151.00
INLafayette USBC Association$1,109.00
CAMerced County USBC$1,103.00
ORCorvallis USBC$1,079.20
OKTulsa Area USBC BA$1,053.00
SDRapid City USBC$1,051.20
CAMonterey Peninsula USBC$1,020.00
FLFirst Coast USBC$1,000.00
MINiles Four Flags USBC Association$1,000.00
MIOgemaw County USBC$1,000.00
OHCentral Ohio USBC$1,000.00
TNMemphis Area USBC$990.50
AZColorado River USBC$982.00
ILGreater Bloomington USBC$976.00
WIMilwaukee Area USBC$949.50
KSKaw Valley USBC$941.00
WISouth Central Wisconsin USBC$939.76
GAMiddle Georgia USBC$921.00
TXSoutheast Texas USBC$898.00
NYWaterville USBC$871.00
TNEast Tenness Lakeway USBC$865.15
MIMason USBC Assoc.$833.53
MAMassachusetts Tri-County USBC$827.00
MIMarshall (MI) USBC BA$804.00
IAMarshall County (IA) WBA$796.06
INLoganland USBC$788.00
TNClarksville Ft. Campbell USBC WBA$766.50
ILBelvidere USBC$753.00
VASouthern Piedmont USBC$745.00
NDGreater Grand Forks USBC$730.98
GAIntra Mountain USBC$722.91
NCOuter Banks USBC$710.00
ORReedsport USBC WBA/Reedsport Lanes$707.00
CACentral Solano USBC$700.00
TXGreater Wichita Falls USBC$696.00
CAVallejo USBC WBA$690.00
SDAberdeen Area USBC$663.14
TXGreater Killeen-Fort Hood USBC$650.75
TXHidalgo County USBC$645.00
MILenawee County USBC BA$615.00
OHMassillon USBC WBA$600.00
WVGreater Charleston USBC (WV)$600.00
MIHastings USBC$576.38
MDMid-Maryland USBC$574.00
TXAmarillo USBC$542.70
MIThree Rivers USBC$522.50
CATracy Usbc Association$511.00
TNOak Ridge USBC Association$503.00
CASan Francisco USBC$500.00
MDMid-Maryland USBC$500.00
MIWest Michigan USBC$500.00
TXMidland USBC$500.00
TXMontgomery County USBCA$500.00
AKMat-Su Valley USBC$497.50
MIThree Rivers USBC$493.50
OHNorth Central Ohio USBC$482.00
WAThurston County USBC$454.37
WIGreen Bay Area USBC$451.66
SDHuron USBC$437.25
IAMuscatine USBC$428.50
NYWestchester County USBC$421.00
SDBrookings USBC$412.00
INMarshall (IN) County USBC$410.00
CAPorterville USBC$400.00
OHBellefontaine USBC$394.67
MIArbor Valley USBC$380.00
GAWest Georgia USBC$360.50
SDWatertown USBC$353.53
VACentral Virginia USBC$345.50
NYNorthern Adirondack USBC$344.00
MIMetro Detroit USBC$334.00
GAGreater Savannah USBC$308.75
MIMarshall (MI) USBC BA$292.00
MITuscola County USBC$289.59
KSHays USBC$276.00
TNMurfreesboro USBC$268.00
TXDeep East Texas USBC$265.00
IABoone County USBC$254.00
MILapeer USBC$250.00
MIMarshall (MI) USBC BA$244.00
SDMadison USBC/SD$240.25
MIBronson USBC$218.00
IADeWitt USBC WBA$204.00
MIGreater Kalamazoo USBC$177.57
MOMissouri River USBC$166.00
NDTri County USBC (ND)$165.00
DELower Delaware USBC BA$163.00
SDMitchell USBC$160.00
MIVestaburg Edmore USBC$152.00
AKKodiak Island USBC BA$150.00
OHFlag City USBC$150.00
SCGreater Charleston USBC (SC)$150.00
TNClarksville Ft. Campbell USBC WBA$150.00
MTGreater Yellowstone Valley USBC$120.00
NMNorthwest New Mexico USBC$116.00
WASkagit Valley USBC$115.75
INStueben County Bowling Association$106.00
TXOdessa USBC$101.10
ILEffingham USBC$100.00
MIOscoda USBC$100.00
MNMora USBC$100.00
MTColumbia Falls USBC$100.00
NHSeacoast New Hampshire USBC$100.00
NVElko County USBC Association$100.00
NYStaten Island USBC$100.00
NYCorning USBC WBA$100.00
SDSouthern Hills USBC$100.00
MTWomen's City BA$86.50
COColorado Mountain USBC$82.50
MIBattle Creek BA & WBA$75.00
MICharlotte USBC$68.00
MIBattle Creek BA & WBA$67.20
SDClark USBC$67.00
MOScenic Rivers USBC$66.00
NMCentral New Mexico USBC$64.00
MIArbor Valley USBC$57.00
NEHoldrege USBC$53.25
MIRemus USBC BA$50.00
MIMarshall (MI) USBC BA$50.00
OHSummit County USBC$50.00
TNAlcoa Maryville USBC$50.00
WIWaushara County USBC$50.00
NEGreater Omaha Area USBC$36.57
OHSt. Mary's USBC$30.00
PAGreater Harrisburg USBC$23.13
OHWoodsfield USBC BA$15.66
OKPonca City Bowl Assoc.$10.00

Center Rankings 20 - 21

FLBowland/Headpinz Bowling Centers $40,000.00
VABud Moore Lanes $13,650.00
NVCoconut Bowl $4,249.32
OHKids Bowl Free Centers $2,452.50
ILArena Bowl, Inc. $1,807.31
IDWesty's Garden Lanes Inc $1,500.00
KSKC Bowl $1,013.00
ILDon Carter Lanes $1,000.00
TXTropicana Bowling Centers $1,000.00
ARAllfam Bowling Center$773.30
PAMohawk Lanes$475.00
ILSuburbanite Bowl$375.00
ILChicagoland BPA$244.21
GARetro Bowl LLC$158.65
ILBowlero Lanes & Lounge$116.37
OKFrontier Lanes$112.00
MIRemus Lanes$100.00

Corporate 20 - 21

UTThe Chrisman Foundation $5,000.00
NYKillerz Grip Bowling$200.00

Honor Contributions 20 - 21

IndividualIn Honor Of
Jost, KarenMichael Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas PannulloRobert Chadwick
Mr. & Mrs. Louis PannulloRobert Chadwick
Christine PannulloRobert Chadwick
Vicky DoddRobert Chadwick
Susan OlivioRobert Chadwick
Richard WertzRobert Chadwick
Carol NervianoRobert Chadwick
Vicky DoddRobert Chadwick
AnonymousRobert Chadwick
Craig NarodRobert Chadwick
Joan SchliewenzRobert Chadwick
Melelina SullivanRobert Chadwick
Fletcher, MargaretTom & Judy Hallock
AnonymousKaren Jost
Fletcher, MargaretFloyd Zanley
Barbara GunnRoger M. Tirrell Sr.
Sarah J. TirrellRoger M. Tirrell Sr.
Krauss/Baschab Foundation, Inc.Phil Torgerson
Warrior LanesPhil Torgerson
JustGive-Great NonprofitsRoger M. Terrill Sr.
Brazos Valley USBCJerry Powell & William Schultz
BPAAPhil Torgerson
Pam McKayRobert Chadwick
Ann L. BlockGary Francis Rembowski
True NorthPhil Torgerson
Claudette FeaginJohnny Sproat
John HardmanPhil Torgerson
Terry Larey Mixed LeagueJohnny Sproat
Janet ProehlPhil Torgerson
DUNN DUNNPaul Priser
AnonymousPhil Torgerson
Commercial Bowling LeagueJohnny Sproat
Sarah J. TirrellRoger M. Tirrell
Ruth Ann TorgersonPhil Torgerson
Super Bowl, Forest City IAPhil Torgerson
Michigan State USBCMel Beyett
Maple Family Centers/LaSpina FamilyStaff at Centers, Judith Shapiro, Norma-Jean Ceglinski
Wally HallBill Boje

State Associations Rankings 20 - 21

New York$16,941.00
New Jersey$13,838.68
North Dakota$7,600.82
North Carolina$7,295.25
South Dakota$6,661.87
New Hampshire$2,189.50
New Mexico$1,599.00
South Carolina$749.00
West Virginia$600.00