Partnering with the leaders in the bowling industry, BVL has introduced a nationwide effort — designated “Care. Commit. Contribute.” — created to significantly increase funding during the 2017 year for BVL’s mission to Brighten Veterans’ Lives.  BVL is seeking a commitment from every bowling center to pledge a donation based on a promise made by the sport of bowling in 1942:  “We won’t forget the sacrifice of those who have served our country.”

“We have a number of proprietors and industry suppliers who have, over the years, made sure to include or integrate BVL in their annual giving plans,” noted BVL Board Chairman John LaSpina.  “However, to truly meet our goals in serving those who served our country, we can and must do more to ensure that BVL is truly successful.”

“For too long, BVL has been quietly in the wings doing great things for great people,” explains LaSpina.  “We need to change that – we need to shout about our success and we need the commitment of the entire industry to achieve our goals and maintain the promise made by the sport of bowling to the troops 75 years ago:  We will not forget your service.”

Working alongside BVL in this effort are two leaders in the sport, Strike Ten Entertainment (the centralized sponsor-activation arm of the bowling industry) and Bowling Business Builders International (the group behind the nationally popular ‘Kids Bowl Free’ program).  Additionally, members of the bowling media have signed on to support the program by providing monthly updates in their publications of those companies that have agreed to keep the BVL promise.

To jumpstart a campaign in your bowling center, BVL recommends six easy options:

  • Order the “Can” from BVL and ask your customers to throw in their loose change. Or, use it to do a “round up” program.
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  • Rental Shoe Income: Donate your first pair of rental shoe income every day to BVL.  This simple option could generate as much as $500 annually.
  • Soldier Pin Cutouts: Print “soldier pins” on blue, red, and white paper and cut out forms.  Have contributors sign their name on pins (e.g.—Blue for $20 contribution, Red for $10 contributions and White for $1 contribution) and post throughout the center.
  • “Heroes in Our Midst” display: Create a display to recognize bowlers, bowling center staff, area leaders, or community members who are serving or have served in the military. Make regular in-center announcements, asking customers for the names and photos of individuals they would like to honor through a contribution to BVL.  Post the honors and photos.
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  • Open play program: Use the quarter mania or dollar mania concept and donate a percentage of the customer’s “entry fee.”  For example, charge a $5 entry fee and donate a percentage to BVL.
  • BVL Merchandise

For more information, contact BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar at