“Heroes” Promotional Materials


Attention all bowlers! All of us know someone who has served in the military — your uncle, cousin, sister, friend — maybe even you — and understand the great sacrificesAmerica’s service men and women have made for our freedoms. We want to help you honor them for their service! Bring in a photo and some brief information about their service to our country and we can post this on our display for our “Heroes in Our Midst” campaign.

We are proud to say that (association/center name) is supporting the Bowlers to Veterans Link charity and we will be conducting a (collection drive, tournament, raffle, bake sale) (today, next week) to support our active duty troops and veterans. BVL provides the extras—like recreation and sports programs—that brighten the days of active duty troops on the front lines and those recovering in VA hospitals. Please join with us and (donate/participate) to show our service men and women that we remember their sacrifice and that we care about their service to our country.



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Local Media Contact: (Name, phone number)
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National Media Contact: Elizabeth Montanya


Local Bowlers Roll for Veterans

(YOUR TOWN) (DATE) — Keeping a promise made in 1942, the (your town) area bowling community is gearing up for a special campaign to honor local active duty and veteran service men and women as part of a nationwide effort through the Bowlers to Veterans Link, a nonprofit organization representing the sport which provides programs and services for veterans recuperating in our nation’s VA facilities and boost the morale of active duty military and veterans.

Area BVL volunteers will be coordinating (list activity, e.g. tournament, bake sale, raffle) at (center).

All (your town) residents are invited to participate in the drive by (dropping off a donation at the center/participating in the tournament).

The Bowlers to Veterans Link –or BVL –has more than 1,500 local bowling associations participating in drives this year. Collectively, these associations are expected to raise more than $1 million for the effort, which provides recreational and therapeutic equipment and services not funded by the government. BVL supports millions of veterans on active duty and at the 154 VA Medical Centers, 206 Veterans Centers, 100 State Veterans Homes and a growing number of VA clinics nationwide. In (Your State), those facilities are: (List facilities.)

”We are always grateful for our good friends at BVL,” remarked Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. “Through the years, they have remained steadfast their promise to support our nation’s veterans, and they have never let us down. America’s bowlers understand the sacrifice of our veterans and are willing to show their commitment.”

The local BVL effort is being spearheaded by (BVL Chair Name). For further details about the drive, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

The National BVL Offices are located in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. For more information about the national program, call 703-934-6039 or visit www.BowlforVeterans.org.

Join Us To Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country!

Do you know someone who is a veteran or is currently on active duty? Submit their name, photo, and background information so that they can be honored as part of our tribute toAmerica’s service men and women!



See ____________________ for details or call ____________________________.