BVL Supports VA National Competitions

Playing the guitar, hitting the ball over the net, practicing your dance moves, picking up that spare… For many Americans, these are typical outlets for fun and recreation.  But for some very special Americans, activities like sports and the arts mean so much more.  These special Americans are our hospitalized veterans.  And for far too many, these simple pleasures are elusive, as they struggle to overcome the health and medical issues that often put these actions out of reach.  But, thanks in part to BVL these activities, and so much more, are once again part of their lives.

Each year  BVL helps sponsor six very important events that affect thousands of veterans and help them once again enjoy the fun and fitness of sport or the uplifting boost of the arts:  The Creative Arts Festival, the Veterans Golden Age Games, the Wheelchair Games, the Training-Exposure-Experience Tournament and the Winter and Summer Sports Clinic provide literally thousands of veterans the opportunity of a lifetime. Each event brings hundreds of veterans, who have worked all year on their skills, to a national venue to test their talents among fellow veterans.

“Thanks in part to BVL, one of the long-time sponsors of VA’s National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, Veterans from throughout the nation have a chance to try their hand at art, music, dance, drama and creative writing,” said Event Director Elizabeth Mackey.  “Often this encouragement gets our Veterans interested in a hobby or skill that brings new light to their lives. BVL’s dedication to our program is unwavering.  We know we can count on them to continue their commitment to those who have served our country.”






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