Donors Bill of Rights

  • To be informed of the BVL mission and of the intended use of the organization’s donations.
  • To receive appropriate and timely recognition of any and all donations.
  • To have access to the identity of the governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • To expect prompt and forthright responses to questions regarding donations.
  • To have access to information regarding specific donations made by BVL.
  • To have access to the BVL financial statements.
  • To know that all contributions will be applied appropriately and utilized to their fullest extent
  • To know that BVL continuously seeks to provide the best possible programming and services for our nation’s active duty and veteran service men and women.
  • To know that BVL maintains close relationships with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Association of State Veterans Homes, as well as a host of other veterans service organizations to insure that the continuing care of our nation’s veterans remains paramount.
  • To know that BVL has one of the lowest overhead percentages of any charitable organization and that we are committed to maintain that cost efficiency.

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