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BVL and Re-Creation: The Perfect Pairing for America’s Veterans 


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In 1983, BVL formed a partnership with what was then an emerging organization called “Re-Creation” — a musical group venture developed to deliver professional live entertainment for veterans recuperating in VA Hospitals. The leadership at BVL concluded that the “Re-Creation” program fit very well with the organization’s mission to brighten the days and boost the spirits of those who have served our country.

Almost 4,000 shows in all 50 states later, the partnership has exceeded all expectations.

2013 Re-CreationThrough “Re-Creation” performances, BVL makes a positive difference every day in the lives of veterans receiving care at VA Medical Centers and State Homes nationwide.  This unique joint venture has enriched the lives of the wounded soldiers who gave so much to secure our freedom.

The variety entertainment program features a range of vocal styles, rich costuming and elaborate stage and light settings. The 10 young performers sing, dance, and delight audiences of all ages. Each year, “Re-Creation” introduces a new troupe and stage show.

BVL receives hundreds of letters from the VA Medical Centers and State Veterans Homes singing the praises of “Re-Creation” and confirms that BVL sponsorship of the tours makes a world of difference for our veterans. Here are some excerpts from letters received this year:


“I can’t tell you how much it means to our hospitalized
veterans, visitors, and staff to have such a talented, creative, and energetic
group with us for the afternoon. Their enthusiasm and genuine expression of
gratitude to America’s heroes goes a long way in aiding recovery, both
physically and mentally. The show was perfect in every way and they were able
to visit some veterans in various locations in the medical center who were not
able to come to our main auditorium. The interaction with the performers was
heartwarming and the visit will certainly not be forgotten.”

Salem, Virginia VA Medical Center


“The performers are amazing in talent and their stamina
. . . it is unbelievable all they do to make these performances possible for
veterans across all 50 states. Our residents cannot stop telling others about
how wonderful their performance was and how it felt like being at a Broadway
Show. The performers were so kind to and appreciative of our resident veterans
in their rooms and living areas, thanking them (for their service) and inviting
each one individually to the show. During their tribute to America and Veterans
there was not a dry eye in the house. We hope with all our hearts we will be
able to have Re-Creation back with us time and time again. Please consider the
St. James Veterans Home on your tour schedule in all future years . . . “

St. James, Missouri Veterans Home


“Re-Creation visited us . . . bringing the veterans a
wonderful stage performance. Our veterans laughed, cried, and sang right along
with the music. It was immediately evident how much the performance touched
them. Following the performance the staff also gushed over how good Re-Creation
was and asked repeatedly “When are they coming back?” with such joy
and anticipation. With the BVL’s sponsorship, I can say they will be back!”

Togus, Maine VA Medical Center

“The members of Re-Creation were great. Such talent and
enthusiasm! I enjoyed watching the show, but I also enjoyed watching the
veterans — their toes were tapping, smiles spread across their faces, and
several were practically dancing right out of their wheelchairs! To say the
performance is “therapeutic” is just a slight understatement :)!

Tomah, Wisconsin VA Great Lakes Healthcare System

“The group “Re-Creation” performed for us
today, and without any hesitation, I can say they were the best performers we
have ever had here. They were not only talented, but the most well-mannered,
friendly and absolutely lovely young adults that it has been my pleasure to
meet. The residents, family members, staff and the group of Army soldiers that
were here today couldn’t say enough about the performance. Everyone wanted them
to come back next month! We all want to thank you for supporting the program .
. . our hats are off to you for all that you do for our heroes.”

Huntsville, Alabama Veterans Home


The group’s ongoing mission, which fits perfectly with that of BVL, is to remind America’s Heroes that they are not forgotten . . . that they are vital, remembered and respected.

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