“Heroes” Promotional Materials


All of us know someone who has served in the military — your uncle, cousin, sister, friend — maybe even you — and understand the great sacrifices America’s service men and women have made for our freedoms.  We want to help you honor them for their service!  Bring in a photo and some brief information about their service to our country and we can post this on our display for our “Heroes in Our Midst” campaign.

We are proud to say that (local organization name) is supporting the BVL charity and we will be conducting a (collection drive, tournament, raffle, bake sale) (today, next week) to support our active duty troops and veterans.  BVL provides the extras—like recreation and sports programs—that brighten the days of active duty troops on the front lines and those recovering in VA hospitals.  Please join with us and (donate/participate) to show our service men and women that we remember their sacrifice and that we care about their service to our country.



Heroes art

Join Us To Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country!

Do you know someone who is a veteran or is currently on active duty?  Submit their name, photo, and background information so that they can be honored as part of our tribute to America’s service men and women!



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